The Johnson City Central School District is conducting a survey of all families of our students in grades K-12. The purpose of this survey is to provide you with an opportunity to have a voice in shaping future decisions made in our schools. In addition to surveying our parents and guardians, we are also providing surveys to our students and staff members. The results from all three stakeholder groups provides our district with crucial information that helps us recognize priority areas for improvement.

This is our 3rd year of implementing this survey, and we have gained great insights from the responses we've received in the past. Each time we give this survey, PLC Associates, the provider of the survey, is able to give the district a comparative analysis of the responses to measure our progress in key areas. We place a very high value on the strength of our collaborative relationship with you, and we know that our students greatly benefit when we work closely with each other to identify areas of concern, areas of strength, and possibilities for future action. Here are a few important notes about the survey:

  • All responses are anonymous; you will not be asked to provide your name when taking the survey.
  • Only 1 parent or guardian per student should respond to the survey.
  • The survey is password protected. All parents and guardians of Johnson City students received the password in a phone call on the evening of November 26th. The password can also be accessed through the parent portal or by emailing a request for the password to
  • The survey should take roughly 15 minutes to complete.
  • You have until Friday, December 21st at 11:59 PM to take the survey.
Please help us to stay informed on the perspectives of our families by taking the time to complete the survey. We look forward to learning from the responses given by our parents and guardians, and we assure you that the results of the survey will be used by the district's leadership team as we continue to pursue any and all actions to provide our students with the highest quality education possible!


Joseph Guccia--Johnson City Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning, and Accountability