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Dear Families of the Senior Class of 2017,

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since our sons and daughters began their journey into high school! As we prepare for them to begin a new chapter in their lives, I want to let you know that a great celebration is being planned for each student of the class. This event is absolutely free to every senior and their guest and will be held the evening of June 22, 2017. Of course, I’m referring to the After-Prom Party – and the kids don’t even have to attend the Prom in order to attend the After-Prom Party!

To cover the cost of the party (approx $100 per student), our committee has been fundraising since June 2015. In these difficult financial times however, we need to appeal to each family to make a contribution. Our efforts are steady and we are confident the cash goal of at least $18,000 can be reached this year – but we are struggling. I know that you will do what you can to help. Hopefully, you have been blessed with steady employment and can make a cash donation. Maybe you have connections that can help with donations of food, prizes, gifts or giveaways? Or, maybe you’ve found yourself with too much time on your hands and want to volunteer to help with the party? We all have something to give. All donations from $10 and up are needed and appreciated.

Johnson City has built up a great reputation over the years of having a fantastic After-Prom Party that is fun, free of charge, alcohol and drug free and that truly celebrates the friendships that our children have made over the years. On behalf of the After-Prom Committee, congratulations to you and your senior on a job well done!

Joan Coughlin
Chair, JCHS Class of 2017
After-Prom Party Committee

PS: If you have any questions, you can feel free to call or email me.